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Spirit Wraps

This collection is in collaboration with first nations artists and is the union between fashion and art.


Our vision is to create a high fashion collection that incorporates native art by utilizing jewelry and printing to subtly highlight ancient Haida art techniques in a very contemporary and fashionable way.


In an attempt to unite, embrace and respect the cultures and artists that we work with, we will donate a percentage of each Spirit piece to the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center Society (

Photos taken at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

Photographer:  Natasha Ali

Model:  Roberta

The Eagle:

The eagle is one of the two main crests of the Haida people. The eagle is a symbol of power, knowledge and prestige. The Eagle also represents friendship and peace to all.


The Moon:

Protector and guardian of the earth, Moon Spirit watches over us and can change the way we feel.

The bear is a symbol of strength and family, and is always respected and treated as a high-ranking guest.

The Salmon is the life source and the provider of food for all animals and humans. When salmon are seen in pairs, it symbolizes good luck.

Hummingbirds are messengers of peace and provide guidance through life’s challenges. It is good luck to see a Hummingbird before an event or journey.

The Modern Design is an abstract interpretation of traditional Haida Design. It is neutral and does not belong to any specific Haida clan or crest. Modern blends the lines and style of traditional Haida art with the clean, abstract designs of the 21st century.

Modern Print

The Hummingbird

The Salmon

The Bear

The Eagle and Moon

Prints Available:

The Spirit of the Killer Whale soars with the inner

eagle and the joyful force of nature.

Orca & Eagle

Orca Eagle Eagle Moon Hummmingbird Modern Bear Orca Salmon Raven

The Raven is the transformer, trickster and creator. Known in legends as the one who released the sun, moon and stars; discovered man in a clamshell; brought the salmon and the water; and taught man how to fish and hunt.

The Raven

Orca symbolizes family, longevity, travel and community. They are said to protect those who travel away from home and lead them back when

the time comes. As Orcas mate for life they are also a symbol of romance.


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