Kids Mask Set - Pink
Kids Mask Set - Pink Kids Mask Set - Pink Kids Mask Set - Pink
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COVID-19 can be spread by asymptomatic individuals. Wearing a mask, combined with physical distancing and good hygiene practices, can slow the spread of the virus by creating a barrier to droplets and air borne particulates.

This Kids Set includes a Bamboo/Cotton Mask and a Chitosante Mask!  Both types of fabric are soft, durable, and breathable.

All masks are double-layered with an interior pocket for an optional filter. The Chitosante mask print and Bamboo mask logo are by Wade Baker and Clarence Mills respectively. 

Your purchase helps the community: we are donating masks and partial proceeds to local communities in need.

Fit Information: One size - fits a broad range of faces. Featuring adjustable straps for a comfortable and customized fit.

Fabric Content: Berry Chilkat: 100% ChitoSante; Orchid: 66% Rayon From Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex (what makes these fabrics ideal for masks?)

Care Instructions: Wash daily in hot water, or on the sanitation cycle if available on your machine. Air dry, or dryer set to Medium. Do not bleach.

This mask is not a medical device and is not intended for use by the medical community.

This mask is to be used in conjunction with good hand washing habits and hygiene practices. Masks are made for individual personal use only (shared masks will spread the virus, not contain it).

Any individual experiencing symptoms should self-isolate and call their doctor.