Haida Tank Dress
Haida Tank Dress Haida Tank Dress
An updated version of our effortless Tank Dress, the Haida Tank Dress features Clarence MillsModern Haida print in bold Black and White. This striking yet simple silhouette is easy to wear but hard to ignore. Bold lines and shapely contours let you show off what you want to show and hide what you want to hide. Plus, it is fully lined from head to toe so fits perfectly slim and trim. The Chitosante athletic fabric it is made of is breathable and super stretchy for the marathon that women run every day.

Dress it up with a Button Wrap for a summer wedding or dress it down with a Cocoon Cardigan (in Black or White) for casual date nights or patio-hopping all summer long.

Fit Information: Fits true to size. Designed to fit slim.

Fabric Content: 100% Chitosante

Care Instructions: Machine Wash on a Gentle Cycle in cold water. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Clarence Mills: Haida Artist

Modern Print: The Modern Design is an abstract interpretation of traditional Haida Design. It is neutral and does not belong to any specific Haida clan or crest. Modern blends the lines and style of traditional Haida art with the clean, abstract designs of the 21st century.