Spirit Wrap - Raven Jade
model wearing jade raven spirit wrap Spirit Wrap - Raven Jade Spirit Wrap - Raven Jade https://youtu.be/XuCtMcsCNBM

The Spirit Collection is a collaboration between First Nations Artists and Fashion Designer Chloë Angus. Representing a union between fashion and art, the Spirit Wrap Collection pairs the Classic Button Wrap with original First Nations artwork in a unique and fashionable way. Including the artists’ signature, each Spirit Wrap is a wearable piece of original West Coast art.

Fabric Content: 85% Acrylic,15% Wool 

Clarence Mills, Haida Artist

Raven: The Raven is the transformer, trickster and creator. Known in legends as the one who released the sun, moon and stars he discovered man in a clam shell, brought the salmon and the water, and taught man how to fish and hunt.