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Product Information

How do I wear Chloe Angus Design Masks?

What fabrics are the masks made of?

How do I add an optional filter?

What prints are available? Who designed the prints?

Sizing & Availability

Which size should I get?

The masks are listed as “Sold Out” – are they gone forever?

Shipping & Returns

When will my order arrive?

Can I pick up my order at the Chloe Angus Design studio in Vancouver?

Can I return my mask/gaiter or exchange it for one with a different print?

How do I wear my Chloe Angus Design Mask?

How To Wear:

We made a short video to help with that!

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What are the masks made of?

Fabric Content:

Our masks are made from Chitosante, Bamboo/Cotton blend, or Micro Fleece. Our gaiters are made from Fleece Bamboo/Cotton blend.

Chitosante is the combination of textile fibres and Chitosan, a natural biomass made from crab and/or shrimp shells. Chitosan is the only antibacterial bio-agent in the world that is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. ChitoSante is soft, absorbent, durable, fast-drying, and breathable.

Bamboo/Cotton masks are made from the same fabric we have used in many of our classic collection pieces for the last 15 years! It is lightweight but durable, and soft enough for even the most delicate skin. This fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and thermal regulating. In warmer weather, it keeps you drier, cooler, and more comfortable. Bamboo trees are a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric source.

Micro Fleece masks are made from the same fabric as our popular Haida Overcoat. They are soft, durable, and shaped for comfort and airflow. Fleece masks have a Bamboo/Cotton inner layer. This is a warmer mask, perfect for cooler weather. 

Fleece Bamboo/Cotton masks are made from the same cozy, breathable fabric as our Fleece Leggings and Sweatshirts. This fabric is smooth on the outside with a fuzzy inside. Keeps you warm, but not too hot as it breathes well.

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How do I add an optional filter?

Interior Pocket & Filters:

Masks have an interior pocket into which you can place an optional filter into of your choosing for an extra layer of protection. 

Examples of household materials that can be used as liners include shop towels, heavy cotton sheets, paper towel, vacuum cleaner bags, or stacked coffee filters.

Please cut the material into a 3 3/8 x 5 inch (6 x 12.5 centimeter) rectangle and simply insert it into the pocket in the back of the mask for extra protection. A copy of the pattern for you to print out can be downloaded here.

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What prints are available? Who designed the prints?

Artist & Print Info:

Several printed masks are available, featuring either the Modern Print or the Chilkat Print! All plain masks feature a small Modern Print logo at one corner.

Modern Print by Clarence Mills
The Modern Design is an abstract interpretation of traditional Haida Design.
See our full collection of Modern print Spirit Wraps, Clothing, and Home Decor.

Chilkat Print by Wade Baker
This Chilkat design was re-rendered from blankets woven by Anislaga, Wade's direct ancestor.
See our full collection of Chilkat print Spirit Wraps, Clothing, and Home Decor.

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What size should I get?

Mask & Gaiter Sizing:

Our Fleece Masks are each available in 1 size that fits most adult faces.

Our Chitosante and Bamboo/Cotton Masks are available in 1 size for Kids and 2 sizes for Adults (Small and Large). Each fits a broad range of faces thanks to the adjustable straps.

What size should you get? You know your face/head size best! (If you need help, contact us.)

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The masks are listed as "Sold Out" - are they gone forever?


Don't worry - Masks are available!

However, due to periods of unprecedented demand, we may have to temporarily pause online ordering in order to catch up.

Thank you for your patience as we work hard to get your masks shipped to you. Sign up for our Mailing List (bottom of this page) for availability announcements!

We have ramped up our production to get your goods to you swiftly. Your purchase helps support numerous small local sewing businesses, our amazing fabric printers, suppliers, the Chloe Angus Team, the artists we work with and the charities was support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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When will my order arrive?

Shipping Info:

It may take up to 2 weeks for your order to ship. You will receive a shipping notification email when your order has been shipped. Thank you for your patience! We are a small business and are working hard with limited staff. If you haven’t received a shipping notification email after 2 weeks, please contact us.

Once your order is with Canada Post for delivery, the timing is outside of our control. We appreciate your patience with them as well, as they are also working hard to keep up with delivering goods to homes and businesses across the country.

For more information on our Shipping policy in general, please see our Shipping page.

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Can I pick up my order at the Chloe Angus Design studio in Vancouver?

Shipping Info – Vancouver Pick Ups:

Yes – we offer this as a shipping option on our website!

Please wait until receiving the "Order Fulfilled" email, then come to our studio during working hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm). Call when you are outside and we will bring your order out to you. 

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Can I return my mask or exchange it for one with a different print?

Returns & Exchanges:

Sorry, no. Chloë Angus Masks are personal use items and cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged for any reason. Thanks for understanding!

For other items, please see our Returns and Exchanges page for more information.

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