The Legend Of Thieves Oil

The Legend of Thieves Oil
In 1413, as the bubonic plague decimated France, a group of merchant sailors was arrested for robbing dead and dying plague victims – a crime punishable by burning alive. The judge offered them leniency for their terrible crimes if they would share the secret which enabled them to expose themselves to the plague without contracting it. The sailors explained that they were spice merchants who were unemployed due to the closure of France’s seaports. They had prepared a special herbal infusion which they applied to their hands, ears, feet, masks, and temples and this protected them from infection. As promised, the judge did not burn the men alive – he hanged them instead.
Soon after, plague doctors began to wear beak-like masks stuffed with absorbent material soaked in the sailors’ blend to protect them from the disease (the beak is how doctors got the long-lasting nickname “quack”). The sailors’ original blend, containing vinegar and garlic, was known primarily as Vinaigre de Marseille (recipe to follow).


According to legend, the “thieves” oil blend has been around for centuries and has almost mythical healing properties and anti-bacterial mojo. Thieves oil blends (including Marseille’s Remedy) are a simple blend of powerful single essential oils that provide amazing health benefits.
Marseille’s Remedy blend of the traditional thieves oil is quite potent. Traditionally the blend was diluted with olive oil, but we like Almond oil, Avocado, canola or other food-grade oil. To start mix 1 drop of thieves with 10 drops of carrier oil and use it

To fight off illness:  diffuse and breathe vapours to help fight sickness and clear air of pathogens. A couple of drops of oil or a spray of Thieves hand sanitizer on you mask adds greater protection

To help breakouts and acne:using a cotton swab, dab a very small amount on acne and boils to relieve inflammation and fight infection.

For tooth pain and infection: using a cotton swab, apply to tooth decay to numb pain and remediate the infection.

As an all-natural house cleaner: mix with soapy water to clean, sanitize and remediate mold.  

As an anti-bacterial: tried and tested on ships as an effective alternative to fight rot and eliminate mold.

As an all-natural anti-lice treatment and prevention. 

Taking “thieves” type oils internally

Originally “thieves” type oils were not only used topically but taken orally in a very healing concoction know as Vinaigre De Marseilles.Take it daily for optimal health, one teaspoon a day does wonders.
Currently, Marseille’s Remedy is the only “thieves” type oil blend that has been approved by Health Canada for internal use. We use the highest quality food grade essential oils
Mixing just one drop with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar helps clear congestion, halitosis, sore throat, and digestive discomfort.

Infusing Marseille’s Remedy with garlic in raw vinegar is a powerful anti-inflammatory, assists immunity by lowering pathogen loads on the body, and really helps clear airways by alkalizing mucus build up.

Ingredients: (You can play with this, there are no rules really, just do what tastes right to you)
25 drops Marseille’s Remedy Essential Oil
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1 clove garlic pressed
Whatever other herbs are on hand
Steep for a week in the fridge. 1 Tsp per day is magic!

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Marseille’s Remedy Traditional Oil uses a centuries-old blend of essential oils that can be used diluted or as a base in many DIY recipes for household cleaners and wellness products. If you need a topical balm, consider Marseille’s Remedy Balm. Our all-natural balm combines Marseille’s Remedy Oil in an all-natural beeswax base which makes it ideal for topical application.