Wellness Essentials

Starting our New Year's Wellness Journey Early This Year


Key things About Our ‘wellness Collection’ worth your attention

About The Scent

A mix of Cloves, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary let us imagine we are in a luxury cabin in the woods or a high-end spa overlooking the ocean.
The team all has our diffusers running on overdrive right now because the notes of clove and cinnamon remind us of gingerbread cookies, with the rosemary and eucalyptus evoking woody undertones being outdoors. All together it is an evocative, if not slightly addictive mix. Plus it is extremely good for you, so no guilt is required!

About The Balm

Your tired, aching muscles will love you for this one. Rub a little on your back or shoulders to relieve muscular tension (it’s the holidays, we all have it!) or some on your chest to clear congestion like a very sophisticated vaporub.

About The Oil

You can eat it, diffuse it, rub it on you body or hair. It smells amazing and it has endless health benefits.

About The Hand Sanitizer

Not only is this sanitizer soft on hands, certified to kill viruses, you can spray it on your mask or mask insert before wearing, allow it to dry and it will help minimize bacterial growth from your breath!.


Marseille’s Remedy Traditional Oil uses a centuries-old blend of essential oils that can be used diluted or as a base in many DIY recipes for household cleaners and wellness products. If you need a topical balm, consider Marseille’s Remedy Balm. Our all-natural balm combines Marseille’s Remedy Oil in an all-natural beeswax base which makes it ideal for topical application.

The Legend Of The Oil

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Cozy Wellness Essentials 

With the Holidays upon us, and months of dealing with Covid behind us, we are all a little fatigued. So we are starting our New Year’s wellness journey early this year. Launching our new wear-anywear Gaiter Sweatshirt and Fleece Haram pants, as well as bringing in a collection of Oil, Hand Sanitizer and body Balm that has been keeping people happy and uplifted for centuries. Our whole staff owns and loves all these artisan products, lovingly handcrafted in the Kootenays- that is why we are sharing them with you.

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