white modern burnout bamboo button wrap regular
Modern burnout in white bamboo button wrap white modern burnout bamboo button wrap regular white modern burnout bamboo button wrap long https://youtu.be/XuCtMcsCNBM

For years our customers have asked us for a Bamboo Spirit Wrap- and we have finally answered their call, in our ultra-soft Modern Haida Bamboo Fabric!

Our Bamboo Wraps are an ideal multi-season style. The Bamboo is breathable with a slight stretch and is a great addition to your wardrobe, from beachwear to bombshell and everything in between. For new moms, it doubles as a breast-feeding wrap that you won’t want to take off once the baby arrives.

Fabric Content: 50% Bamboo Rayon, 50% Polyester

Haida Artist: Clarence Mills

Modern Print:

The Modern Design is an abstract interpretation of traditional Haida Design. It is neutral and does not belong to any specific Haida clan or crest. Modern blends the lines and style of traditional Haida art with the clean, abstract designs of the 21st century.