Grey Raven square 20 X 20 pillow
Grey Raven square 20 X 20 pillow Pillow Cover 20" x 20" - Raven - Grey Grey pillows and blanket display

This listing is for the pillow cover only. The pillow insert is sold separately.

Other sizes available: 12" x 20", 16" x 16".

Transform your living room!

Ultra-soft Melton cloth is durable, machine washable, and as soft as flannel. With an easy overlap closure and luxurious shell button detailing on the back, our pillows will be sure to start a conversation.

Raven Print by Clarence Mills

Chloe Angus Design Raven Print by Clarence Mills

The Raven is the transformer, trickster and creator. Known in legends as the one who released the sun, moon and stars he discovered man in a clam shell, brought the salmon and the water, and taught man how to fish and hunt.

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Dimensions in inches: 20” x 20”

Fabric Content: 88% Polyester, 12% Viscose

Fabric and Print Colour: Grey fabric with a Black print

Care Instructions: Machine Wash on a Gentle Cycle in cold water. Hang or lay flat to dry.