2021 is about the resurrection of fashion and pays homage to French couturier icons, Christian Dior, Gabrielle Chanel, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

“From the ruins of post-World War II, the New Look came like a blast of optimism that resuscitated the Paris couture industry and outlined a decade of economic and social renewal that followed.

This fashion phenomenon, launched by Dior in 1947, defined a new era of defiance, resilience, and hope. It was Dior’s belief that the public was now more than ready to embrace a new, luxurious and life-affirming style that would obliterate the mend-and-make-do mentality of the war.”

– Design Museum

Like Dior, I believe we are once again at a time where we are all ready to embrace a new, luxurious, and life-affirming style. Along with the extravagance of the New Look there is also a flirty playfulness to the season that pulls in shapes and fabrics from Gaultier and Chanel.

Voluminous skirts, strikingly shaped corsets, and linen knit marinieres, bring together these fashion greats in a collection that celebrates who we are and what we live for.
The collection also celebrates a new collaboration with artist, Gerry Sheena, and the addition of his work “Eternal Connection” to the Spirit Collective.

I look forward once again to celebrating the union of fashion and art with you in 2021!

Chloё Angus