"“I like the depth of [Chloe’s] research and how she goes about finding the perfect materials, dyes. In her tenacity, she just always goes above and beyond the call of duty. You know unlike some people who always take the shortcut, I appreciate the quality, the thought, the work she puts in to getting things off the ground” 

- Gerry Sheena – Coast Salish Artist

“My collaboration with Chloë Angus in creating the Spirit Collection has been wonderful journey. We have been like family since Chloё was a teenager. What she has done is nothing short of incredible, I am proud of the work she does and look forward to continuing to create art together for all to appreciate.”

- Clarence Mills – Haida Artist

"Respects artists and models, awesome royalties, and models are top rate. Chloe stands up for First Nations."

- Wade Stephen Baker – Salish/ Kwakwaka'wakw Artist

"Chloe Angus is the most inclusive, loving, respectful business women, an inspiration to many. Many Indigenous artists are involved in the business and happy to be included, I know Jay Bell Redbird was. He was proud to bring his Ojibwe motifs to West coast. 
The Spirit Collection is beautiful and full of respect for Indigenous culture. 
Thank you so much for your hard work, kindness and many wonderful opportunities."

- Halina Stopyra – Artist and partner to the late Jay Bell Redbird, Ojibway Artist

Virginia Lecoy
"Our work together has been genuine and very Indigenous inclusive. It actually helped me network with other Indigenous models and artists. I feel that the work you have done with the Spirit collection has been amazing and I believe helps Indigenous people access fashion that they would be proud to wear."

- Virginia Lecoy - Indigenous Model

Nicole Taylor-Sterritt, Chloe Angus, Laurie SterrittChloe Angus with Nicole Taylor-Sterritt & Laurie Sterritt, co-chairs of the IWLS

"When we put the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit (IWLS) together, the positive spirit and intent of uplifting Indigenous women was woven through everything we did. We developed a brand and logo that represented a beautiful, independent and strong woman and we were told that the image we created was very impactful.

"When my dear friend Chloe Angus offered to create a high-quality, beautiful shawl with the IWLS brand on it, we jumped at the chance. Using her printing technology, she offered a significant discount to produce a small batch of our own IWLS branded spirit wraps. The wraps quickly became our signature branded item and dozens of Indigenous women who attended IWLS purchased them and wore them with pride. I still wear mine with pride.Thank you Chloe for sharing your talent, your love and your positive energy with us at IWLS."

- Laurie Sterritt - Partner, Leaders International