“My collaboration with Chloё Angus in creating the Spirit Collection has been a wonderful journey. We have been like family since Chloё was a teenager. What she has done is nothing short of incredible. I am proud of the work she does and look forward to continuing to create art together for all to appreciate.”

- Clarence Mills – Haida Artist


Haida Name: Gah–ghin-skuss (Out of your own land)

Member of the Eagle Clan, Skidegate

Crest: Split Raven, Grizzly Bear

In British Columbia, on Canada’s West Coast, lives a First Nations culture with a rich history. Art has been its survival, bringing a much larger awareness of its people and culture beyond the Canadian coast to share with the world. Clarence Mills is a world renowned Haida artist creating artwork in the ancient traditions of his people.

With guidance from his uncle, Doug Wilson, Clarence began studying traditional Haida art at the age of eighteen. Using argillite, ivory, red and yellow cedar, Clarence developed his craft incorporating Haida family crests, stories, and characters into various carvings; everything from boxes, bowls, doors, totem poles, and plaques, to engraved silver and gold jewelry.

Clarence Mills' Frog Print sketch

Clarence's original sketch for the Frog Print.

His various prints and sculptures are available at prestigious galleries and collections around the world, including a totem pole on display at the President’s Palace in Paris, France.

Clarence Mills carving

Clarence Mills' totem pole being carved at the Chloe Angus Design studio.

Today Clarence can often be found creating monumental totem poles and working on other various projects throughout the Lower Mainland and coast of British Columbia. His successful collaboration with Fashion Designer Chloë Angus has expanded his medium into fine fabrics and fashion.


Artwork by Clarence Mills:

Clarence Mills Eagle and Moon Print Clarence Mills Bear Print Clarence Mills Modern Print
Clarence Mills Salmon Print Clarence Mills Raven Print Clarence Mills Hummingbird Print
Clarence Mills Orca Print Clarence Mills Owl Print Clarence Mills Butterfly Print
Clarence Mills Wolf Print Clarence Mills Frog Print Clarence Mills Dragonfly Print
  Clarence Mills Raven Moon Frog Print