Chloe Angus Design works in transparent, honest, and full collaboration with Indigenous artists from across Canada. The mandate of the Spirit Collection is to support and celebrate Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples working together.

Chloe Angus and models wearing Clarence Mills' Modern Print pieces at the 2018 BC Assembly of First Nations Gala Dinner & Fashion Show.

This would not be possible without our Indigenous artist collaborators, Clarence Mills, Wade Baker, Steve Smith, Corrine Hunt, KC Hall, Debra Sparrow, and Jay Bell Redbird, a passionate team of talented men and women, workers, artists, collaborators, clients and friends from a variety of Nations all joining together to bring the Spirit Collection to life and help us create, build, sell, and promote it.

The Spirit Collection has always been about developing respectful dialog and collaboration between diverse but co-existing cultures. This collaboration is a conscious goal to fuse traditional art with modern fashion in an effort to better understand and honour the inherent rights of First Nations, and the considerable contributions that Indigenous peoples make.

The Spirit Collection is a collaboration of art and fashion that inspires our inner power with bold prints and a clear expression of a culture and a society that cares and shares.

Artist signatures on Spirit Wraps

Spirit Wraps featuring the signatures of their individual artists: Jay Bell Redbird, KC Hall, Corrine Hunt, Debra Sparrow, and Clarence Mills.