We work in full collaboration with artists of diverse backgrounds in a collective space through art and fashion.


Our products are made with innovative, regenerative, and up-cycled materials. Our recycled fabrics divert waste from landfills. 

Made In Canada

100% of our brands products are Made in Canada and have been manufactured within our own community.

Art & Design

We are a company devoted to excellence and innovation in art, design and fashion through collaboration with Indigenous artists and designers.

Spirit Wrap by artist Gerry Sheena
Chloe Angus Design Spirit Wrap with Salish print by Debra Sparrow


We believe that collaboration is vital in helping overcome the inertia of generations of systemic inequality. Working in transparent, honest and full collaboration, we value craftsmanship, innovation, and equality in a collective space through art and fashion.

Partnerships have included Corrine Hunt, Debra Sparrow, K.C Hall and Gerry Sheena.

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Sustainable Luxury

Craft & Community

Our products showcase exceptional artisanal skills and techniques and adhere to fair trade principals.

Small Batch & Made-To-Order

We take pride in small batch manufacturing, reducing over production, strain on resources, and waste. Many of our products are made-to-order (literally made for you!)

Our Promise

We are taking steps to minimize the industry's carbon footprint and implement ethical practices  without ever compromising on style.

"When done right fashion can uplift and empower the wearer, giving them the confidence to go out and to do what they're born to do."

— Chloë Angus

Eternal Connection Collection

Salmon is a symbol of journey, strength, and endurance. Qualities we all possess. Eagle is elegance, pride, wonder, and truth. A messenger, it takes our prayers and delivers them to the heavens. Together they have an “Eternal Connection.” By Artist Gerry Sheena

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— Laurie

Debra Sparrow

Debra Sparrow was born and raised on the Musqueam Indian Reserve and is self-taught in Salish design and jewellery-making. Her work can be seen in various museums and institutions.

Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt (born 1959), also known as Nugwam Gelatleg'lees, is a Kwakwaka'wakw/Tlingit artist, carver, jeweller and designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gerry Sheena

Gerry Sheena was born in Merritt, BC, and is a member of the Interior Salish Nation. While Gerry is of Salish descent, he has carved a variety of styles for over three decades.

K.C Hall

KC Hall was born in Bella Bella, BC, and was raised in East Vancouver. Currently, KC is is combining traditional Northwest coast design elements with his own distinctive style.