Our Focus is to Unite People Through Art And Fashion.

Chloë Angus Design leads with diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and on the runway.  We uphold, support and promote human diversity. Our leadership and beliefs include body image, ethnicity, age, abilities, and gender fluidity. We design for every-BODY. 

Our designs promote the feelings of strength and power incorporated in high fashion collaborative design. 


Collaboration Is Key For Chloë Angus Design

Collaboration is the core value at Chloë Angus Design, Together with artist of diverse backgrounds from Canada and around the world, we believe that collaboration between indigenous and non indigenous peoples creates a collection we can all celebrate. Working in transparent, honest and full collaboration, we value craftsmanship, innovation in a collective space through art and fashion


Experience A True Canadian Fashion House

When you visit us, you will experience a true Canadian Fashion House, where fashion can be seen in the making from sketch to design and the unique experience that collaboration creates. We are famously known for the Spirit Collection where we fuse Art and Fashion in full collaboration with First Nations Artists. 


“My goal is to create fashion that uplifts and empowers people, giving them the confidence to be seen heard and remembered”

Too often, fashion and style equate to being young, thin, tall and white. Since the beginning, I wanted to build a brand that leads with diversity and inclusion working with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, identities, ethnicities and mobilities.

When done right fashion can uplift and empower the wearer, giving them the confidence to go out and to do what they're born to do. I was born to do fashion, born to help uplift and empower others through my confidence in doing fashion the right way; not the easy way

Chloë  ♡

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