"Chloe Angus is the most inclusive, loving, respectful business women, an inspiration to many. Many Indigenous artists are involved in the business and happy to be included, I know Jay Bell Redbird was, he was proud to bring his Ojibwe motifs to West coast. 

The Spirit Collection is beautiful and full of respect for Indigenous culture. 

Thank you so much for your hard work, kindness and many wonderful opportunities."

- Halina Stopyra – Artist and Partner to the late Jay Bell Redbird – Ojibway Artist

Jay Bell Redbird & Halina Stopyra

Drawn towards the healing arts from a young age, Halina Stopyra’s natural inclination first led her first into a career as a physiotherapist and then to being an artist.

Her inspiration and influences come from by cross-cultural myths and folk stories. In them she has found profound healing and transformative powers that drive her creative work.

The face is often a focal point of her compositions and is capable of inspiring empathy and self-reflection. Each of her portraits function on the premises that we all are connected to each other and to all natural elements through our collective archetypes and our expression of it is manifesting our light, love and magic.

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