Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day!

National Indigenous Day at Trout Lake

Today (June 21st) is National Indigenous Peoples Day and all across Canada there are events happening near you! We’ve included a link to events below.

If you're in Vancouver today, please come join us at the always uber-exciting celebration held every year at Trout Lake. We’ll have a market booth and we’re excited to meet you!

But no matter where you are, from coast to coast to coast, this day gives all Canadians an unparalleled opportunity to discover the rich history of Indigenous culture and contributions to the creation and the ongoing existence of Canada.

It's also a chance to dive deep, get hands-on and learn all sorts of interesting new things about Indigenous cultures, both the traditional and the modern.

We've linked to a huge list of cool events below, but first we have to shout out to some of our favourite Indigenous artists who collaborate with us in creating our original clothing designs.

Without the creative work of artists like Clarence Mills, Corrine Hunt, Debra Sparrow, KC Hall, Halina Stopyra and Jay Bell Redbird, our mission to embrace indigenous culture, celebrate diversity and encourage collaboration just wouldn’t be possible.

A HUGE thank you to our collaborative artists!

So on this day, we thank our collaborative partners. Not just for the amazing contributions to Chloë Angus Design, but also for the strength, skill and the talent that allows them to showcase their gifts and create art for everyone to enjoy.

Now back to today and what we’re doing to celebrate on June 21! We’ll have a booth at the Trout Lake celebrations in Vancouver and we really hope to see you there! 

This all-day event is totally free and everyone is welcome. Trout Lake is located at 3360 Victoria Drive in East Vancouver.

Start the day with a pancake breakfast at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre before joining a Friendship Walk to Trout Lake.

Once there, enjoy the stories, songs, art and dance of Canada’s Indigenous people. There’s also canoeing, a marketplace and many cultural learning activities. Stop by and meet us! We can’t wait to meet you!

And no matter where you are, find amazing opportunities to deepen your understanding of Indigenous cultures, to learn and grow, and to move forward together in cooperation and reconciliation by attending one or more of today’s events located near you. 

Check out the list of events happening nationwide here. Just choose National Indigenous Peoples Day from the dropdown menu on the left of your screen and then click 'apply selected filters'.

Here’s to an amazing day of understanding, reconciliation, and cultural celebration for everyone! Enjoy!!


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