Here's How to Wear Bold Prints for Spring and Summer 2018

Here's How to Wear Bold Prints for Spring and Summer 2018

When the seasons change, so do our clothes.

Spring bulbs push through the ground, blossoms burst open and new green shoots reach for the sky ... it's a visual feast of nature.

Spring is literally a season of natural design wonders. And as nature dons new attire, so should we.

This year, Spring and Summer fashion is all about prints, patterns, and colour.

As we  think about dressing for the warmer weather (honestly, it's coming), look to add a fresh element of fun to your wardrobe ... the kinda fun only a print can bring!

Our just released Spring and Summer 2018 Collection is ready to ease you into the new season with a palette of perfect warmer weather colours and some beautiful fun prints to stand out in.  

Wearing a bold print is easy and exciting for some. But others worry that prints are not for them. There can be a sense of near terror at the idea of trying to pull off a bold print.

We say let go of the fear! We think prints are perfect on everyone and we're here to help ease prints into your comfort zone and into your closet.

So why not ease prints into your life? Here's how:

A bold print skirt is matched with solids to look beautifulAbove: Build your stylish wardrobe for Spring/Summer. Go bold in our Modern Print Bamboo Peg Skirt and finish your look with our Capsleeve Top in basic black and famous Button Wrap in honeysuckle.

First: Don't go all matchie-matchie

Sure, some of us can pull it off, but a bold matching head-to-toe print is usually best left to high-level fashionistas who bring their own advanced style … don’t worry, we'll all get there one day!

In the meantime, for the rest of us, the beauty of a bold print usually stands out best when we go simple with most everything else we wear.

In our new Collection, our exclusive Modern Print by Haida artist, Clarence Mills, is fused into several different and fabulous pieces ... but we don't necessarily expect you to wear them all at once!

And we've spotted some pretty bold head-to-toe, collaborative print suiting on the Couture runways! But still ...  

Instead of going head-to-toe in a single print, choose one piece you love and build your look around it with more neutral pieces that compliment and make the print truly shine.

Our famous comfort leggings in our exclusive Modern Print
Above: Our exclusive Modern Print leggings bring bold colour to our classic Cocoon Cardigan in white and our super soft bamboo Long Tank Top in white.   

Second: Build your wardrobe with the bold print in mind

When you're building your wardrobe, think about what you'll wear with each new piece. How does it fit in your current closet. What will you wear the bold print with? Now's the time to consider your look.

We always encourage choosing a complete look when shopping for our bolder prints. Especially if you don’t already own what you need to make your new print shine.

So we make it easy to put a look together and ensure you're  feeling confident with your overall style.

Our online store matches every piece we sell, including the bold prints, with complimentary colours and pieces that make sure you're always the star of the clothing you wear.

Check out any item in our online store and you'll find our recommendations to complete your look in just a few simple clicks.

We recommend complimentary items to build your wardrobe.
Above: Complete you look in just a few clicks!

Last: Don't believe the hype - you can wear bold prints too

No matter what you wear this spring and summer season, don't be held back by outdated rules like being too short or too curvy or too petite or too tall or too skinny or too whatever to wear bold prints.

That's all a bunch of malarkey. Those rules are meant to be broken! You have the power to be you ... and a fabulous, noticeable you  ... in anything you choose to wear, including bold prints. 

No matter your size or height or colour or hair style, bold prints can take your look to a new level of fantastic when you build them into your wardrobe as powerful, fashionable accessories to an already amazing you!

Please check out our new 2018 Spring and Summer Collection. From bold prints to functional basics, there's something for every fashionable someone ... including you!



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