Two Trends We Love for Spring 2018

This stunning Wolf Spirit Wrap is a collaboration between our own Chloë Angus and talented Haida artist, Clarence Mills

It's February 1st and no matter how cold-wet-windy-snowy it is out there, just think about this: spring is only seven weeks away. We can get through this people!

And with spring so close, our favourite fashion mags like Vogue and GQ are already shining the spotlight on the hottest fashion influences for the upcoming season.

Fashion insiders see the big design houses in New York, London, Paris and Milan showcasing creations with common threads that our small design house in Vancouver clearly excels at.

So we're super excited about the growing fashion movement to collaborate with talented artists; a core design component that Chloë builds into every new collection with some truly incredible results.

And we're eager to point out that our first Men's white T-Shirt is also keenly on-trend for Spring 2018.

We're not taking credit, there's too many talented designers and artists influencing the greater fashion landscape ... but we 're definitely basking in the glow of these two big trends from Vogue and GQ.

Check this out:

Art collaboration is all the rage for Spring Summer 2018

Collaboration is on trend for Spring 2018

Above: Conscious Collaboration is sweeping the fashion world. Here a screen capture from Vogue Paris' "Arsty Impressions" shows some of the Spring Summer 2018 trend.

Artistic collaboration is really in

It's crazy fun and encouraging to see Vogue and Vogue Paris highlight artistic collaboration as a big influence for Spring and Summer 2018. It's what we do every day and in every new collection.

Vogue boldly states that "Art collaborations are the new music collaborations," while Vogue Paris details the collaborative design work as, "Artsy impressions."

No matter the moniker, we're thrilled to see this high level recognition for the creative collaboration of fashion designers and artists. It's at the very core of Chloë's own iconic Spirit Collection.

By collaborating with Indigenous artists, Chloë has always strived to authentically infuse the Spirit Collection with her love for the traditional people, land and stories of the Pacific west coast.

Along with the visual beauty and traditional meaning found within the artist's work, all pieces are designed to drape perfectly, flatter the body and help all people feel strong and proud.

White is the defacto colour for men

Okay men, it's your turn and white is the hottest colour for you this spring and summer.

British GQ showcased all-white-everything for men ... but we think you'll want to temper that trend and make the look work for you.

Just try a single white statement piece or add the occasional white accessory instead.

We even make it easy for you to combine styling in white and artistic collaboration in our Men's white T-Shirt with its cool Modern Haida print by Haida artist, Clarence Mills.

Men's white T-Shirt in our exclusive Modern Print

Our casual but sophisticated Mens white T-Shirt is on trend for Spring and Summer 2018

Cut from our super soft Bamboo fabric, this first basic item from our popular menswear line is relaxed but sophisticated and definitely perfect for any occasion.

Okay, sure ... not everyone wears white well ... so check out our Men's T-Shirt in basic black too.

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