Our Best Valentine's Day Gift for Her or for Him

Our Best Valentine's Day Gift for Her or for Him
Who doesn't love love? We sure do... and since it's almost Valentine's day (next Wednesday), why not wrap the one you love in something unique and beautiful?
Sure, cards and chocolates are wonderful and always welcome, but this year, why not make a real statement?
Elevate the love this Valentine's Day and surprise someone with a gift that's truly unique. One that clearly proclaims your love will last for years and years.
This year, in a limited run just for Valentine's Day, Chloë has collaborated with First Nations artist Corrine Hunt to create this gorgeous expression of Robert Indiana's classic pop art, the compactly and economically structured word, LOVE.
Above: LOVE as interpreted by collaboration of designer Chloë Angus and First Nations artist Corrine Hunt.
Together, Chloë and Corrine poured their own love, and their respect and vision, into a stunning Spirit Collection LOVE Blanket. A perfect collaborative work of art ... and love,
Locally made, soft and durable, the LOVE blanket will last for years to come. It's a statement of love everyday ... and it will delight everyone who sees it.
It's perfect for snuggling by the fire, watching TV or reading a book wrapped in cozy, warm love. It makes the ideal home decor throw and can mount as a wall hanging. So versatile!
The LOVE Blanket comes in two styles, with traditional shell button detail and without.
Limited LOVE Blanket with shell button detailLimited LOVE Blanket without buttons
Above: The LOVE Blanket with shell button detail and without... designer Chloë Angus and First Nations artist Corrine Hunt.
Don't miss your chance to show your love to the people you love most this Valentine's Day.
And if you're a Valentine's Day traditionalist? Our LOVE Blanket goes perfectly with cards and chocolate. We promise! Now that's LOVE.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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