3 Easy Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Perfect for You

3 Easy Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Perfect for You
It’s Valentine’s Day! A day all about love for someone special, for family, for friends, for each other.
Call us romantics, but we think Valentine’s Day is much more than just a Hallmark holiday.
We see today as a reminder to love … and not just the one you’re with, but everyone else too. We all need love. We all deserve a collective hug.

So we proudly promote love!

Love is more than cards and roses and bonbons (and LOVE Blankets), it’s the secret sauce to a world that accepts, understands and truly loves one another. A world that is united, equal and inclusive.
Love is everything.
So try these easy ways to fill your day with more love
1. Take time for you
“To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance,” said Oscar Wilde. And we won’t argue.
So take some time to be alone and be still and to tell yourself what you need to hear.
Think of today as a reminder to love yourself.
Forgive yourself. Accept yourself. Let go of the negative self talk and praise yourself and support yourself for all the good you do. You deserve the recognition.
Say it out loud. Hear it. Feel it. It feels good.
2. Commit to yourself
Sure you’ve started an Oscar Wilde type of love affair with yourself… but now what?
It’s time to commit. You need to hear the good, the positive, the love … more often. We all do.
So taking time for you is not a once a year event. Take time for you on a regular basis. On a very regular basis. Commit to your own well being. For you and for everyone around you.
You will thank you later.
3. Pay it forward
It’s a scientific fact: when you love yourself, you love others too.
And when you feel good, it makes others feel good too.
So why not encourage good feelings? It’s fun to light up the warm fuzzies in ourselves and in others.
Just pay it forward.
Buy coffee for the person behind you in line, or for the person asking for change outside (maybe get them a bite to eat too). Carry groceries for a neighbour or offer to shovel their snowy sidewalk.
Our capacity to help others is bigger than we know. Push your boundaries. Be imaginative.
Even just choosing to smile at strangers, to recognize your mutual humanity, can significantly improve your day… and theirs too.
Studies show that when we randomly offer kindness to others, or pay it forward, it actually stimulates good feeling in those who either receive the good will or those who just witness the generosity happen.
And better yet, that encourages more positive interactions to occur as those affected are significantly more likely to be kind and generous to others in the wake of seeing another’s generosity. Fact.
So Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s to love for all! And to loving ourselves too.
We love you!
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