The Queen attending this LFW Runway Show is Awesome!

The Queen attending this LFW Runway Show is Awesome!
London Fashion Week went viral on Tuesday when Queen Elizabeth II turned up in the frow (front row... for those in the know) of fashion designer Richard Quinn’s runway show.
Sitting with Vogue’s Anna Wintour, the Queen embraced her first-ever LFW fashion show in classic style … wearing an impeccably tailored, eggshell-blue tweed skirtsuit.
We got excited around here too!
That’s because it’s classic British style worn by the Queen and other Royal Family members that has encouraged and inspired Chloë’s own design aesthetic. 
Chloë explains it best:
“My love of Royal Family fashion comes directly from my Granny Patsy. She just loved the Queen! And I just loved Granny so much that whatever she thought was absolutely it to me.
When we were little, Granny dressed my sisters and me just like Princess Charlotte. We wore classic smock dresses, little Mary Jane shoes, cardigan sweaters and wool pea coats.
She dressed my brothers like Prince George. They often wore little blue or grey dress shorts, collared shirts and pea coats.
Even today, I still love the Queen’s serviceable and sophisticated sense of style.
The Queen is a women who dresses as a leader first and foremost. She takes her job and position seriously, yet she never leaves style behind.
I love that she always wears colour and that her jewellery collection offers some serious bling.
And I’ve always been inspired by the tailored coat and dress ensembles she is so well known for.
Previous BC Premiere, Christy Clark, wears Chloe Angus as she awaits the Royal Couple's arrival in BC
Above: Christy Clark in her Chloe Angus original coat and dress awaits the Royal Couple's arrival
The coat and dress I made for the Premier (pictured above and below) to welcome the Royal Couple to BC was inspired by the Queen’s classic look but with a distinct First Nations twist by Haida artist, Clarence Mills.
It’s a design I’ve created for many different, wonderful and talented women who want tolook strong, stylish and sophisticated.”
Christy Clark and her son greet the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Princess Charlotte
Above: Christy Clark and son, Hamish, greet the Duchess of Cambridge and daughter, Princess Charlotte
So you can see why we got excited, right?
Plus the Queen herself recognized the cultural influence and importance of British fashion with a first-ever design award presented to Richard Quinn! We couldn’t agree more.
It was all just as awesome as the internet said it was … or as Chloë summed it up simply, “very cool!”
Now back to the frow…
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