Huntington's, Spring, and a Dana Update

Huntington's, Spring, and a Dana Update

We're showcasing all the perfect go-to pieces for your style and home during the fall and winter season. But while we're wrapped up in our cozy autumn fashions, we're sprinkling the air with just a little hint of Spring!

That's because we're thrilled to announce the full launch of our exclusive Dragonfly Spirit Wrap with wonderful new colours for Spring 2018. Partial proceeds of all sales of the Dragonfly Spirit Wrap are donated to benefit the Huntington Society of Canada.

Earlier this year, Chloë debuted this unique Dragonfly Spirit Wrap, with art by Haida Artist, Clarence Mills, at a special fundraising event in our Vancouver studio (see event photos on their Facebook page). 

The launch brought awareness to the issue and brought the cause close to home. But nothing could bring it closer than Chloë's own mom, Dana, and knowing she had been tested as having the disease. 

We already knew we were big fans of Dana, but we soon learned that tons of you are big fans too!

In a blog post shortly before the fundraising event, Chloë told a moving story of motherly love and determination that helped shape the person she is today. But she now wonders if she was too emotional and told too much or perhaps too little about Dana's diagnosis. 

"I don't think I realized the impact of that blog post before it went live," says Chloë. "My mom hadn’t really told many people about her diagnosis and suddenly, everyone knew”.

Everyone was obviously very concerned about Dana. People had the impression that she was suffering from an immediate onset of the disease.Thankfully this is not the case.  

 "I want everyone to know that Dana is totally healthy right now. Her symptoms are very mild and she is  living a strong and healthy life. If you met her you'd never know she had the condition."

Dana & Chloe at our fundraiser

We're thrilled to report that Dana is thriving; that she's well and strong and working to help support Huntington Disease Awareness , Huntington research and those in her life who are experiencing the disease.

In fact, Dana was tested for the disease in an effort to help support the endeavors of clinical research and to engage and participate in the care of a family member.

 Dana & Chloe at our fundraiser

Ultimately for Dana, her diagnosed condition may never fully express itself.

But her diagnosis  makes us want to join the fight and help find a cure for everyone dealing with the effects of Huntington Disease.

Next Spring, we'll be asking you to join us too. Let's find a cure for this disease together and let's show our support through the exclusive Dragonfly Spirit Wrap.

Stay tuned!

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