There's Power in Spirit

There's Power in Spirit
Recently we have noticed an undeniable trend: people have been telling us that their Spirit Wraps are more than merely go-to fashion items, that they use them as a statement that starts conversations and brings people together. 
"It was Dana who first pointed it out to me," says Chloë, "that the Spirit Wrap was becoming this wearable symbol for women when they wanted to be seen, heard, or remembered. 
Then other people started to say it, and we saw Spirit Wraps represented at life events, like births, deaths, graduations, weddings, gifting ceremonies, elections, and even protests."
Through these moments, many people are telling us how our Spirit Wraps have come to symbolize confidence.
Spirit Modern wrap in Scarlet

"That's cool, I like that a lot," beams Chloë, "it's indigenous and nonindigenous women standing together, and that they can both put on this one piece of clothing and feel more powerful, more confident, and even more united is so great."
We remain humbled and awed to have been the official choice of the Heiltsuk Nation to create Spirit Wraps and Spirit Blankets as original gifts of welcome for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their Royal Tour in 2016.
BC Premiere Christy Clarke chose to wear our Sheath Dress and Cream Bear Spirit Wrap for the official ceremony. And we don't mind at all that the picture with Princess Kate made its way into Vogue!
It's humbling too that Francyne Joe, President of the Native Women's Association of Canada, would wear a Spirit Wrap to the Annual General Assembly that resulted in her election this past July and to the legislature, sitting next to Prime Minister Trudeau, while Gord Downie received the Order of Canada earlier this year. 
Talented Indigenous celebrities like Blackstone's Carmen Moore and Wonder Woman's Gene Brave Rock are wearing Chloë's Spirit Collection too. Even the world-famous scientist, Dr. Jane Goodall, has her own Spirit Wrap that she wore at a recent lecture in Vancouver.
Black Bamboo Modern Wrap
"Women know the statement they make when they choose what they wear," affirms Chloë. "Women of all backgrounds see the power in fashion. How we present ourselves and what we wear are symbols of personal conviction.
For me, and I hope for many people, the Spirit Wrap represents appreciation, respect, and advocacy for the importance of Indigenous rights and culture in Canada.
Wearing one makes you feel a sense of beauty and strength that comes from the culture and resilience of Indigenous people. It lets us bond in a spirit of understanding that can help lead to continued reconciliation and a more united Canada."
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