It's Time to Wear Your Pearls

It's Time to Wear Your Pearls

"Lace is one of the most wonderful imitations of nature.
But pearls are perfect for every occasion.”
                                                                         – Coco Chanel


In the middle of the holiday hubbub ... did you know that Friday is Wear Your Pearls Day?


National Wear Your Pearls Day is meant to remind us we have value no matter what our circumstance. A solid reminder for everyone at this time of year.


It's a day to celebrate the layers of strength and resilience we build throughout our lives. Layers that create and reflect the beauty of the women we are... alone and together.


Like us, each pearl is unique in its specific strength and beauty. But together, like a string of pearls, we become stronger and our value becomes more clear to those who look.

Chloe Angus wears her favourite pearls

We see this soaring in the #WhyIMarch and #MeToo movements; countless voices that bravely tell their own truths.


We see how the collective voice is stronger and how our individual stories are more often heard... and believed.


So in the middle of such serious awakenings and seasonal hubbub, the magical simplicity of donning pearls in fashionable solidarity with the strength and value of women is purely enchanting.


It's a simply sublime statement of the inherent beauty of femininity and the infinite resilience of women... as valuable individuals and as a collective power.


Pearls are a signature look for Chloë, who grew up on an oyster farm and has always adored iconic designer, Coco Chanel.


Both designers would tell you that pearls can elevate any look, from jeans and a t-shirt to a little black dress; they're perfect for any occasion.


So with this extra encouragement from Chloë (and from Coco), we urge you to wear your pearls.


Wear them tomorrow, during the holiday hubbub or anytime you want to feel fabulous and look flawless in a classic string of strength and resilience ... a classic string of pearls.


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