Time to Take Control ... and a Walk in the Park

Time to Take Control ... and a Walk in the Park
Okay everyone ... Spring is finally here; she's made a splash and we're all pleased to see her, right? And tomorrow is the last day of March and maybe better yet, it's also Friday! Yea, Friday!


But before we welcome Friday, today there are two oddly random but surprisingly related observances: it's 'I am in Control Day' and it's also 'Take a Walk in the Park Day'. That's a healthy win-win for all of us if we play it right!


Today, on 'I am in Control Day', we get an excellent  reminder to do something we should all do more often: stop and take a moment to just breathe, to be in the now and thoughtfully consider how to gain control over whatever might have us feeling undone. And truth is, sometimes we all feel undone.


So think about those things big or small, physical or emotional, real or imagined, that bug you and stress you out and make you feel like you're run ragged or like you're out of control or like You. Just. Can't. You know ... those things.


Epic or not, we all have those issues. So today we stop, put our collective foot down and say, "Wait a minute! I'm in control here!" And we get to really mean it.


Sure, we could do this any day of the year but today we're reminded to rediscover our true self, to find our inner peace and to move forward more determined, more organized, more confident, more unwavering, more secure ... more in control!

Something else we should all do today is take a walk, ride, roll, or stroll through a local park.  Seriously. It's Take a Walk in the Park Day and the simple act of being in nature, away from the concrete hustle and bustle of city life, can significantly reduce our stress levels, raise our mood, improve our memory and reduce any lingering depression. Honestly. It's scientific fact, even if we need to don the warm coats and snow boots or carry an umbrella to stay dry.

Gorgeous view from Jonathan Rogers Park in Vancouver



If these random but good-for-your-health events don't whet your appetite for a rockin' last Thursday of March, maybe a different focus might get you stoked? You might like to know that today is also Pencil Day, Turkey Neck Soup Day and Doctor's Day. Really. Those things actually exist.


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