Today We Press for Progress

Today We Press for Progress

It’s International Women’s Day and the official question is: How will you #PressforProgress?

Fuelled by #MeToo and #TimesUp, #PressforProgress is a next step call for conscious collaboration to achieve gender parity for women everywhere.

It’s a pledge to press for progress within our own spheres of influence. A reminder that each drop of progress we can achieve individually becomes a collective ocean of progress achieved together.

We always embrace our roles in this progress, as individuals and as a fashion house. We try hard every day to press a positive gender parity mindset within our own spheres, both personal and business.

And today, on International Women’s Day, we #PressforProgress on Canada’s National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. It needs more time and more money.

The National Inquiry’s request is under fire from many, including some First Nations and Indigenous leaders. The frustration and anger at the Inquiry’s baffling bureaucracy is clear and deeply shared.

But we remain hopeful that the Inquiry will endure. Lets press for progress and for concrete action. Let's find the answers for the missing and murdered, for their families and for future generations.

Did you know? Just last year, Justin Trudeau told the General Assembly of the United Nations that the continued threat of violence against Indigenous women in Canada is so frequent and so severe that Amnesty International calls it a human rights crisis.

So we think today, International Women’s Day, is the ideal day for our proudly feminist Prime Minister to announce approval of the National Inquiry’s request. To provide the time and money.

The National Inquiry has to be held accountable, but we need new ways forward to herald positive action and real change for Indigenous women and girls across the country.


Francyne Joe, President, Native Women's Association of Canada

Above: Francyne Joe, inspiration and President, Native Women's Association of Canada


We're inspired by Francyne Joe, President of the Native Women's Association of Canada who has said:

“The Inquiry has a great deal of work to do on behalf of Indigenous women and girls.

“More than 760 families have testified or shared statements and many families and survivors want to have the opportunity to have their truths heard. 

“Further, we are concerned that without an extension the Inquiry will not complete expert and institutional hearings. 

These parts of the Inquiry are crucial to identifying systemic causes of violence against indigenous women and girls, and without more time to complete a full array of expert and institutional hearings the Inquiry risks simply replicating existing research in this area.

“Systemic issues have led to genderbased physical and mental violence and the creation of socio-economic violence, which are inherent to settler colonialism and patriarchy.” 

So today and every day we Press for Progress.

How will you #PressforProgress?

There’s a ton of ideas here. We can’t wait to see your press for progress in action!

So Happy #IWD2018! Together, we’ve got the power to change the world.


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