May 19 2023

What's going on at Chloë Angus Design

My Dear Friends, 

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for years of support and encouragement. When I look back over the years and all the collections we’ve created, I am filled with gratitude. In 2004, when I launch Chloe Angus Design, not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine the success of what was to come, the people I would meet, the artists I would collaborate with, and the experiences we would have together. 

A fashion journey worth talking about

From being discovered by the buyer for the Canadian by Design department at The Bay to growing into our 3000 sqf space in Vancouver, the journey has been both exciting and intense in a way only fashion can create.

I have saccade down runways and red carpets, met movie stars and media personalities, politicians, and princesses. But my deepest joy has come from working with people to create a garment or look that changes how they feel about themselves, to give them confidence and to help them be seen, heard, and remembered, regardless of size, age, identity, or ethnicity.

Chloë with members of the Royal Family

Nothing captures this sentiment better than our Iconic Spirit Wraps. Working in collaboration with Indigenous artists from across Canada, we have created something so special it unites people and celebrates our collective efforts to highlight, promote and support Indigenous art and culture through fashion.

Gerry Sheena & Chloë Angus Collaboration

I am humbled by all I have learned along the way and grateful to those who have guided me, clients, friends, family, and colleagues alike.

My life as a fashion designer prepared me for challenges in my life that I never could have for seen, as fashion is an ever-evolving business that requires vision, stamina, and adaptation every season. In 2015 when I suffered a spinal cord injury these skills came in handy, and my business would give me a focus other than myself and the tragedy that had happened to me.

I was so devastated by the loss of my legs, that I could not fathom losing my business over it too. In the months to follow, my team kept my injury a secret and I dove head long into designing the next collection from my hospital bed, fittings at the rehab centre, and finally launching the line upon my own release back into the world. I worked tirelessly to keep up with business while adapting to my new life in a wheelchair.

Since that time, my opportunities for designing and collaborating on different projects expanded beyond fashion to include wearable robotics, standards in health care, and accessible solutions for people with disabilities. All of which makes me excited to get out of bed every morning and do my best to make a difference.

In 2020, life changed for all of us, and we all had to learn to adapt. For most of us this led to a time of self-reflection and consideration of what is most important to us in this lifetime. For me and my husband Gabe, it was about creating more time for each other, to care for ourselves, our family, and our community; slowing down enough to take on only the most important and impactful projects.

Chloë and Gabe together at the Leo Awards.

A global pandemic also showed us the impact we have on our environment and how working together and buying locally can have a positive and regenerative effect on nature. Sustainability has always been a focus of the company, being made in Canada and using environmentally friendly fabrics and dyes, way before it was a notable trend. But as we learn and evolve, it becomes glaringly obvious that we can all do more.

Fast fashion has had an extremely negative impact on our environment and is not a sustainable business model for independent designers and major brands alike. We, as a collaborative and collective company, no longer want to participate in this model.

So what does this mean for Chloë Angus Design? 

We are going back to fashion the way it used to be, before over production over shadowed creativity and craftsmanship, creating smaller collections, and custom pieces for pre order, making only what people want.

We closed our open to public space in Vancouver and have moved our production and design development to a collaborative space in Burnaby. We will continue growing our online store with a focus on our Iconic Spirit Wraps, working with new artists, and community collaborations.

This is what it means for today, as the cycle of fashion continues to ebb and flow, we will see what the future has in store. We will keep you updated on all things Chloё Angus Design, new collaborations, collection launches, and even what’s happening in the world of wearable robotics.

As we all know, making change is not easy, and my addiction to fashion’s intensity to always go, go, go, is like reining in a wild horse; but these changes will give me more time to work on the things most important to me, which for the first time in my life includes myself.

With Love and Appreciation,

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