Your Wardrobe Essentials vs the Trends and Must-Haves: Just Be You

Your Wardrobe Essentials vs the Trends and Must-Haves: Just Be You

Our new Spring and Summer Collection for 2018 beautifully highlights how Chloë designs each original collection with a focus to help you build a complete wardrobe that makes you feel strong and beautiful.

With the Spring fashion season upon us, the sea of new trends and must-haves is overwhelming. You’re not alone if you feel unsure of which new looks are best for you and how you’d put it all together.

When you set out to add to your closet, what's really important is that you be you. You need well-designed clothes that suit your personality; that make you feel your best.

And that's why Chloë always designs with an eye toward your entire wardrobe. It's how she ensures you can build a complete wardrobe that provides perfect fit, easy comfort and current style.  

Each new season includes Chloë’s essential pieces to complement the new style pieces in the collection.

Essentials are the foundation for building your own unique style and making it easy to always look well put together.

Chances are, you already know we don't really want you to get all decked out in bold patterns from top to bottom, unless that’s your unique style of course.

What we really do want is to help you find or enhance your own sense of personal style through our clothing designs that flatter your body, drape beautifully and elevate your look for any occasion.

Honeysuckle Button Wrap paired with Peg Skirt and Cap Sleeve Top

Take our new Spring and Summer linen button wrap in honeysuckle (shown above). It pops with colour and pairs perfectly with a classic peg skirt (also in Stone Modern (shown above) or Sky Modern to add a bit of bold pattern) and a cap sleeve top in black.

The bright button wrap creates an element of excitement and compliments the subtle colour and classic styling of the entire outfit.  

Whether shopping in our design studio showroom in Vancouver BC, or on our brand new online store at, we encourage our clients and friends to think about buying complete outfits.

We make our suggestions so you can easily see how all the pieces fit together. We want you to think about what's in your closet now and what else you might need to complete your personal look.

As Chloë always says, "As women, we are so much more than our bodies. The clothes we wear should make us feel confident in who we are as a whole. Our style should reflect our body and our brains.” 

So this Spring and Summer, don't worry about trends and must-haves, just worry about you. How do you want to feel? How do you want to present yourself? What is it that makes you feel your best?

That's the most important part of any new outfit? Making sure you feel like a superstar no matter what all the blogs and vlogs might like to say!



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