Meet Chloe

Born on the Sunshine Coast of BC and raised behind a sewing machine instead of in front of a television, Chloë Angus has been designing clothes since she was a young girl. Pursuing a career in fashion was her true calling. Designing with the intention of creating beautiful, classic, stylish garments for people who aspire to feel elegant in their busy lives.

Chloe Angus

Chloë, wearing earrings by Valerie Davidson-Oar

With designs that are as innovative as they are classic, Chloë believes first and foremost in beautiful silhouettes that accentuate all body shapes without compromising her inherent eye for style and feel for comfort.

Chloe Angus at the IWLS

Chloe speaking at the Indigenous Women's Leadership Summit in 2018

The wild and iconic landscape of British Columbia’s West Coast has influenced Chloë’s design aesthetic as have her neighbors growing up, the First Nation’s people of the West Coast. Working with well-known Haida artist Clarence Mills before completing her Fashion Design education, Chloë learned hands-on about the timeless art and sculpture of the Haida people.

Clarence Mills & Chloe Angus

Clarence Mills & Chloë 

Upon finishing school, Chloë immediately embarked on a project with First Nations artists to unite fashion with this uniquely West-Coast art as a way to showcase and embrace the culture for which she has such profound respect. The Spirit Collection was born and continues to develop and flourish with new designs, artists, and inspirations years later. The collection has expanded to include clothing for Women, Men, and Kids, as well as Home Décor.

Chloe Angus sketches

These days,16 years after the doors of Chloë Angus Design opened, Chloë can be found designing and conducting fittings in her Vancouver studio, innovating with her Indigenous Artist partners, catching up with old and new customers, dressing countless actresses/entertainers/politicians or just rolling her lovable miniature horse Sonny around the Dunbar neighborhood she calls home.