Our Story

Proudly based in Vancouver, BC, since 2004. Chloë Angus Design is a family business, grown and nurtured by duo Chloë Angus, Canadian ally and fashion designer, and husband, Gabe, who is Métis. Chloe is the face of the company and the designer, and Gabe works behind the scenes.
At the core of our company, the Spirit Collection is done in collaboration with Indigenous artists from across Canada, working together we celebrate and support Indigenous art and culture in the fashion industry.
The Chloë Angus Design team creates modern, collaborative fashion and home décor collaborating with Indigenous artists across Canada to incorporate Indigenous art into everyday style. With a focus on uniting art and fashion, we are honoured to collaborate with Indigenous artists to create the Spirit Collection.
All artwork is licensed and the artists are fairly compensated. Each piece comes with the artist signature to emphasize collaboration and ensure authenticity.


Spirit Wraps featuring the signatures of their individual artists: Jay Bell Redbird, KC Hall, Corrine Hunt, Debra Sparrow , Gerry Sheena and others


Spirit wrap collection


We aim to celebrate Indigenous history, art, and culture, and have made it a priority to promote and share the significant artwork that each artist creates. Our goals are to unite people, to encourage an open dialogue, better cultural understanding, and to celebrate and uplift Indigenous culture.
“Growing up I had the privilege of living within a predominantly First Nations’ community on the Sunshine coast of BC. This gave me an understanding and a deep respect for their knowledge, strength, and culture. The Spirit Collection is my way of honouring the Indigenous People of Canada. Collaborating with Indigenous artists to create a modern representation of Canadian style for women, men, and home.”
- Chloë Angus on The Spirit Collection