Our Focus is to Unite People Through Art And Fashion.

We are proud to belong to an industry that has been so powerfully shaped and enriched by design principles, production methods and technological innovations from an extraordinary breadth of nations and cultures.This openness of mind and approach brings with it an energy and creative restlessness. They are characteristics we must cherish and protect.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion are not merely central to our values – they are vital in driving our business forward. At Chloë Angus Design We uphold, support and promote human diversity. Our leadership and beliefs include body image, ethnicity, age, abilities, and gender fluidity. We design for every-BODY. 

We accept that we have a distance to travel to become the wholly inclusive organization we aspire to be. However, we are fully committed to our path. It will take continuous dedication, persistence, and ongoing dialogue with our customers, colleagues, leaders, and community. But we believe wholeheartedly in the importance of these goals, and we will continue to pursue them until meaningful change is made.


Collaboration Is Key For Chloë Angus Design

We believe that collaboration is vital in helping overcome the inertia of generations of systemic inequality.

Collaboration is the core value at Chloë Angus Design, Together with artist of diverse backgrounds from Canada and around the world, we believe that collaboration between indigenous and non indigenous peoples creates a collection we can all celebrate. Working in transparent, honest and full collaboration, we value craftsmanship, innovation, and equality in a collective space through art and fashion.

Partnerships have included Corrine Hunt, Debra Sparrow, Jay Bell Redbird,  K.C Hall, Gerry Sheena and Clarence Mills.


Sustainable Luxury

Locally Made:100% of our brands products are Made in Canada and have been manufactured within our own community.

Craft & Community: Our products showcase exceptional artisanal skills and techniques and adhere to fair trade principals.

Small Batch & Made-To-Order: We take pride in small batch manufacturing, reducing over production, strain on resources, and waste. Many of our products are made-to-order (literally made for you!)

Reducing Waste: We create from waste, our products are made with innovative, regenerative, and up-cycled materials. Our recycled fabrics divert waste from landfills. 

We are taking steps to minimize the industry's carbon footprint and implement ethical practices without ever compromising on style.

Sustainable clothing on a rack


“My goal is to create fashion that uplifts and empowers people, giving them the confidence to be seen heard and remembered”

Too often, fashion and style equate to being young, thin, tall and white. Since the beginning, I wanted to build a brand that leads with diversity and inclusion working with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, identities, ethnicities and mobilities.

When done right fashion can uplift and empower the wearer, giving them the confidence to go out and to do what they're born to do. I was born to do fashion, born to help uplift and empower others through my confidence in doing fashion the right way; not the easy way

Chloë  ♡

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Fostering Connections Through Collaboration

Meet Our Artists

Indigenous Artist K.C Hall



Indigenous Artist Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt


Indigenous Artist Gerry Sheena

Gerry Sheena


Coast Salish Artist Debra Sparrow

Debra Sparrow


Artist Jay Bell Redbird

Jay Bell Redbird


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